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PHNIX worldwide tour: Route one in America


Driving on the America Route 1 is like walking on the way to heaven.

25 years ago, Robert kramer carried his photographic equipment alone, walked in this land where brought him up. He spent Six months to finish the epic documentary ¡°America Route One¡±. 25 years later, PHNIX brought its fans to trace his footprints, the same as the artist did that PHNIX used video, pictures and words to repeat this culture tour.

Standing by the China Rock, We suddenly found a high sense of recognition to this road. It¡¯s said that the earliest resident here was a Chinese fisherman, that¡¯s why people called it ¡°China rock¡±.  During the trip, we could make sure that almost Asians we saw were Chinese. It was a very useful method to judge the person where he/she comes from.

In Monterrey, we encountered with a Chinese team who were riding their bikes along the Pacific Rim. The average age of this group was over 60, but they rode bicycle more than 300 kilometers every day. You could see passion, speed and insistence power from their simile face.

Americans are talented artists who could coordinate their work and life very well. Along the beach of Route One, you could find many elders were walking their dogs leisurely. May be you would consider they have retired without any job, but actually most of them still insisted on their operating posts even they were over 80 years old. It¡¯s so different in China, people would work very hard even forget to rest while they were young, but stay at home without job after retiring to live a boring life.

In the sea there were some American children learning to drive sailboat and you weren¡¯t able to find any shadow of their parents around. That¡¯s where the awareness of independent of American grow up.

The little squirrel was eating sun flower seeds and running freely on the beach. It seems there was not a person to enter in. As long as you had food on hand, the squirrel would stand upright and beg for it to eat.

My companions and I enjoyed a nice lunch in Camel. Camel was the place where writers and artists were looking forward to be. The pristine building with fresh flower, the simple window with little decoration, it seems like a happiness country in the fairy tale world. People there resisted modernization very much. All of the products should be displayed by the ancient showcase, and without adverting and neon light. These classic and gracious showcases constitute a beautiful small cultural corridor.

American have the totally different understanding to waterfall from Chinese. For American, besides the majestic Niagara Falls, even a trickle that splashing down from the vertical cliffs could regard as a waterfall. Now, you can try and guess: where is this waterfall located in in this picture?

When the sun goes down, the sunlight gives an extra sparkle to the sea and sky; it looks like the gate of heaven opened. That is corresponded with what the American said, driving on the America Route one is like walking on the way to heaven.

America Route One is liked a giant snake that coiled along the vast Pacific Ocean, it swallows in and spits out the sea waves every day. While the ribbon shape cloud wraps the hill, the sunset at the foot of the hill is especially bright and shine. I begin to understand the essence of this poem, "this sawtooth shape land is ploughed by the falling meteor.