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How to use the cold air outlet of heat pump water heater


When you use heat pump water heater, there will be cold air released. Most people would connect a duct coil to let it out. Have you ever imagine that you can recycle it to make your life better. Now you may much surprise with the released cold air because you still couldnĄŻt believe that you consider itĄŻs useless before, but now it will help you more. In this article I am going to tell you how to use the cold air you have wasted before.


First we should realize how does heat pump water heater work?


Heat pump water heater uses the air source heat pump principle that absorbs heat from the surrounding air to heat the stored water in the tank. The heat capacity will be used to heat the water and release the coil air to outside. It is just opposite to air conditioning which is used to cool the house and release the heat air to outside. Maybe now you have got a rough ideal about why heat pump always produces some cold air when it works.

As we know, most people will place their heat pump water heater to the basement where is humid and stuffy. Now itĄŻs time to remove the duct coil away and let the cold air blow the basement. The cold air will be welcomed to dehumidify and ventilate. ItĄŻs great way to keep the basement dry and ventilate. At the same time, it will help to save energy because you could close your dehumidifier to dry.


If you donĄŻt have a basement, you could place your unit inside and near the window. The cold air will help you save energy in summer. As I mentioned before, the unit will release cold air when heating. So in the hot summer, you could higher your own air condition temperature and enjoy the cold air out from the heat pump water heater. If winter comes, you could connect a duct coil to release it.


If there is no basement for you, you could also place your unit outside the kitchen. A duct coil could be connected into your kitchen. At this time, the coil air will be used for the kitchen ventilation. When you are cooking, the kitchen will be a little muggy. The cold air flows into; the temperature of kitchen will be decreased a bit. That creates a comfortable cooking environment for you to enjoy it. In China, most people would use PHNIX heat pump water heater at this way.


Now you could find there are 3 ways to reuse the cold air releasing from the heat pump water heater that you have wasted before, and save energy for you now.