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All-in-One Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps


Company Name: Guangdong Phnix Technology Co., Ltd
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Address: Section No.2,1st Floor,2nd Building. No.6 Chongling Road, Nansha District, Guang Zhou, China

PHNIX microchannel technology COP reaches to 3.2


Compared with the traditional water heater, the heat pump water heater featured with safety and energy-saving is better than others and will gradually become the main trend in the water heater market. However there exist some imperfections of it. As the present heat pump water heater still adopts the round pipes or flat pipes as their heat exchanger, although there is thermally conductive silicone rubber painted between pipes and water tanks, the linear contact surface between them makes the available contact surface very small and most of the pipe¡¯s area cannot be used to contact with water tanks, which lead to low heat exchange rate, high energy loss. For the two reasons, it¡¯s very necessary to improve the heat exchanger condition.


As a professional heat pump manufactory, PHNIX has embarked on the improvement of heat exchangers. Instead of simply wrapping pipes outside tanks, PHNIX adopt micro-channel Technology to solve the problems mentioned above.

Micro-channel Technology has been applied to the car air condition and water tank area for many years, but it has never been used in the heat pump area. This time PHNIX makes a big trial to use it in the heat pump water heater area.


How does it work?


The micro-channel heat exchanger replaces aluminum pipes wrapped outside the tank with coiled heat exchange tubes. Generally, because of micro-channel heat exchanger¡¯s flat appearance, the contact surface between the heat exchanger and the water tank enhances greatly, leading to higher heat exchange ratio about 10%. Producing the same heat transfer amount, the water heat pump using micro-channel heat exchanger can lead to less refrigerant charge about 30%. What¡¯s more, with less refrigerant charge, the pressure-resistant capacity of the micro-channel heat exchanger is much superior to pipe heat exchanger, which makes it safer for the units working in the high pressure condition.

The micro-channel heat exchanger have become more and more promising in the heat pump water heater market and will gradually  replace pipe heat exchanger. PHNIX make a big breakthrough in the heat pump area and it's success.