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PHNIX first split heat pump water heater launched


PNNIX launched its newly product split heat pump water heater in last month to satisfy different requirement for users. This is PHNIX¡¯s first split style of heat pump water heater. 

As we know split heat pump water heater is designed with one unit indoor and one unit outdoor. 

First let¡¯s look at the indoor unit. Usually, the indoor unit place is a water tank wrapped with heating coil and controller. PHNIX adopt micro-channel heat exchanger to wrap outside the tank that will greatly improve the COP up to 2.72 based on the test standard EN16147, indoor air, A15/W10-55 and A15 at the storage. We have designed 200L and 300L for option to satisfy your different water demand. 300L is the stand floor one with controller set upside. And 200L is the wall mounted one with the controller set downside for the purpose of easy touch. In addition, there will be four modes for you to choose from the controller, there are standard mode, vacation mode, economic mode, electric heating mode.

The outdoor unit is equipped with compressor, evaporator, fan coil, energy savor. With the compressor and fan coil set outside, there will be low noise even none to interrupt your family and provide a super quiet working environment for you. In addition, the evaporator set in the outdoor unit greatly enhance the heat exchange square, while improve the heat exchange rate and reduce the operation cost. 

Now there will be one question for you. How do the indoor unit and outdoor unit connect with each other? The answer is the lokring. The heating coil wrapped outside the tank will be left two connectors as well as the outdoor unit. Customer could choose micro-channel heat exchanger, copper coil or aluminum coil, but the outdoor unit will use the copper coil to connect with other components. So the heating coil material will be different between outdoor unit with indoor unit. If welding them directly, it¡¯s very easy to cause corrosion and refrigerant leakage. But the lokring help you solve this problem well because of its special material and structure. 

Split style will be your another choice of heat pump water heater. So if you choose PHNIX, you choose a reliable partner.

About PHNIX PHNIX is a professional heat pump water heater manufactory who pays attention to the product innovation and high quality control. Most of our products are tested and improved by the test standard of EN16147. If want to learn about PHNIX, welcome to visit our website: