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PHNIX got good harvest from the ISH Exhibition 2015


The ISH exhibition 2015 held from 10th to 14th March was closed. As the heat pump exhibitor from China, PHNIX has got a great harvest from the exhibition.

The heat pump water heater we displayed attracted most buyers eyes because of its beautiful look and high technology, especially our ¡°Y¡± style, which you could adjust the water outlet temperature or operation modes by just shaking your hand up and down. Most visitors came to our booth shown interesting to this special controller, and shaking their hands to experience this cool customer experience. The water volume shown on the interface would let you realize your unit¡¯s state clearly. And the bushed metal front panel made the unit looks more gorgeous. You will love it after seeing it.

Our ¡°T¡± style used the light source build-in controller provided you a perfect customer experience. Also you could choose the glass or bushed metal material as the unit¡¯s front panel. The micro-channel heat coil wrapped outside the water tank make the COP of the unit up to 3.2 based on the testing standard EN16147. And its square outlook will attract more eyes than the round ones. In spite of the stainless water tank still been used in other companies' hot water heat pumps, PHNIX use the enamel water tank instead which really has been proved much more anti-corrosion than the stainless ones.

We brought our transparent unit to attend the exhibition. It¡¯s convenient for you to learn more about PHNIX and our product quality. As the transparent unit will clearly show you the key components we use, how the copper coil connect each other, and the neat electric line. From this unit you would know what components we use on our products, and what the attitude our team is when develop the products and compatible the unit. I think you will be amazed at our technology and hard work after seeing this product.

All of the products displayed on the exhibition were reflect the high quality of our products and the serious attitude our team is. So during the exhibition, some customers even ordered the bulk order at present.