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PHNIX rewarded millions of dollars to the excellent domestic distributors


2015 Annual Conference of PHNIX Distributor was solemnly held in Guangzhou in this March, more than four hundred distributors and potential distributors attended this conference, and it is also the first time to show PHNIX newest inductive heat pump water heater to public, this new model is well received by the customers. PHNIX invested millions of money to award the excellent distributors, which including Benz cars, PHNIX worldwide tour, PHNIX air-purifier and so on; distributors are completely motivated by this incentive policy. This conference inspired more distributors to gain more confidence for the market, and also make closer between PHNIX and our distributors.

As one the top ten heat pump brands in China, PHNIX insist on technology innovation and concentrate on the product quality, so as to provide strong product support for distributors. Meanwhile, PHNIX also make every effort to keep widening product channel for every distributor. In 2014, PHNIX has been finished three brands construction, they are "Cozy Home, Clean Air, Clear Water", Currently, PHNIX Air Source Heat Pump, Fresh Air Purifier and Rainsoft Water Purifier are launching into market which could satisfy different customer's needs very well and help the distributors expand and extend their market.

Besides, no matter in brand awareness, channel development, internet marketing or fans culture construction, PHNIX has received a foresight development, the domestic sales volume realized double increase, overseas sales volume increased more than forty percent, In 2014.Phnix got through China's first route for electric vehicle charging pillar. The brand awareness are keep increasing, and the market channel are keep upgrading, the number of chain stores increased to eight hundred, and more than seventy thousand fans are keep close contact with PHNIX, and also held PHNIX Net van. PHNIX held lots of activities, for instance, worldwide tour, PHNIX fans festival, which greatly developed the fans' sense of community culture, enhance the brand image of PHNIX.

In distributor's conference, Mr. Forth who is the general manager of PHNIX Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. said PHNIX devoted millions of awards to show their sincerely gratitude for the distributors' support and devotion. Some of the distributors got Benz cars, and other got the chance of visiting European countries. PHNIX also made strategic development planning in 2015, and show the distributors' hardware and software, enterprise development strategy and management idea, marketing policy, which are highly recognized by the distributors.