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Company Name: Guangdong Phnix Technology Co., Ltd
Phone Number: +86 020 39067612
Address: Section No.2,1st Floor,2nd Building. No.6 Chongling Road, Nansha District, Guang Zhou, China

PHNIX inductive electric water heater heat pump launched


Gesture control has been appeared in some intelligent field many years ago, for instance, mobile phone, computer and television. Only through simple gesture instruction, you can operate the product conveniently and avoid many troubles. Nowadays, except the television, air source heat pump is constantly exploring in this field. As one of the top ten brands in China, PHNIX always keep upgrading the product, and produce the amazing inductive model in 2015.

In the new product release conference, The general manager of PHNIX Electric Appliance Co., Ltd said that this 230 Liter model could meet the requirement of 200Liter to 250 liter; the output volume surpassed 400 Liter, which means that the market will be wider. Especially the gesture control design not only showed the creativity and unique idea of PHNIX, but also presented the high sense of science and technology in this internet age.¡± Meanwhile, the users don¡¯t need to press the button to control the unit anymore, because they can wave their hand up or down to adjust the temperature easily. This inductive model break through the way that the units is controlled by the traditional remote control, and the efficiency of this model also keep upgrading the record all the time. The common heat pump can only reach three levels and the average output water temperature degree is sixty degree, while PHNIX could reach 4.2, which even higher than the highest levels of energy efficiency of national energy conservation certification, and the average output water temperature degree could reach seventy five degree, all of them break through the technical bottleneck.


Nowadays, domestic water heater heat pumps mainly apply button or touch control, the gesture control will become the man-machine interface in the future. This newly control method will become main stream in the intelligent control system. PHNIX is the first manufacturer to develop the gesture control and apply in the electric water heater heat pumps. Just use some simple operation, the customers are able to enjoy the newest intelligent technology and function.