external heat pump heater

External Heat Pump Heaters

Best partner for exsiting tank boiler to provide supplementary heat to assure substantial saving in energy.

high COP

High COP of 3.6

PHNIX external heat pump heaters COP is up to 3.6, based on the ambient temperature of 15℃/12℃, water outlet (in/out)10℃/45℃. And they greatly satisfy hot water demand for users in a green way.

flange joint

Standard Flange Joint For Field Installation

PHNIX external heat pump heater is specially designed with a standard flange joint which has been tested and proved easy to install and simple to be integrated into any boiler system.

anti-corrosion titanium heat exchanger

Anti-corrosion Titanium Heat Exchanger

Application of superior quality titanium heat exchanger has advantage of anti-corrosion and ensures a more efficient heat exchanging process.

easy control

Easy Control Panel

The easy-to-use control panel on the casing makes the unit a simple system to use for any member of the family.

easy installation

Easy Installation

Because of the special appearance design, it’s very convenient for the users to insert the titanium heat exchanger into the existing boiler. After power on, you could enjoy supplementary heat from the unit.