tankless water heater

Top-Kits of Heat Pump Water Heater

Top-Kits will be your best chioce if you want to assemble with the local water tanks.

water tank

Easily Connect with Your Local Water Tanks

It’s easily to connect our top-kits to your local water tanks by connecting the fluorine coil through the lokring directly.

LED intelligent controller

Intelligent Operation Modes for Option

By setting different intelligent operation modes inside, the unites are able to meet various requirements of different customers according to their actual needs.

60 degree water temperature

Max.Water Temperature can Reach 60°C

The maximum outlet water temperature of the units can be up to 60°C, which means the units are able to meet water requirement in a large amount.


Loading More

As its small size, the top-kits loading quantity is almost 3 times than all-in-one units load. That will be a good way to save freight for you.

192 Sets Top-Kits

48 Sets all-in-one heat pump water heater


working principle

High Efficiency and Energy Saving

Just using a little amount of electric driven power, the energy surrounding the air will be transferred to heat the stored water. That esures you could achieve substential heat in a way of energy saving and high efficiency .

air heat exchanger, heat pump compressor

Fin Coil With Hydrophilic Coating Heat Exchanger

4-row air exchanger (fin-coil) with hydrophilic coating has a unique feature of intelligent and quick defrosting even in the chilly winter.


Selected Hitachi special heat pump compressor is well compatible with components inside the unit, which ensures the unit operate effectively.

fan motor, low noise

Fan Motor

The use of vortex fan motor’s noise will be reduced by 20%. Now it’s 45dB.

All-in-One Reducing Noise Design

Wave shape sponge with egg carton surface plays an important role of noise insulation and provides a quiet operation environment for the users, because the noise wave will gradually reduce then disappear on the sponge .

electric expansion valve, electromagnetic 2-way Valve

Electric Expansion Valve

The electric expansion valve could control the refrigerant volumn more accurately to ensure the unit stay in the best state.

Electromagnetic 2-way Valve

The electromagnetic two-way valve greatly solves the frosting problem in low ambient temperature that ensures unit operate in a perfect condition.